Zedfactory’s pod homes are built on city car parks

A new housing concept will tap into the millions of existing car park spaces across the UK.

UK architectural firm Zedfactory have conceptualised a new housing solution that sees pod homes built above existing car parks. The ZEDpod is described as an affordable starter home. Energy-efficient with nothing but air rights as a requirement, the ZEDpods cluster together to form a pop-up village that would appeal to young professionals.

Customisable to the client’s needs, the pod village would also be fitted with Zedfactory’s unique translucent, waterproof solar canopy over the spaces between the homes. Alongside its integrated solar photo-voltaic panels, the ZED Roof, the pods will be fully equipped to generate enough energy to run the entire village.

“The homes will also provide zero emissions electricity to vehicle charging points integrated into the parking spaces. This decarbonises the development’s footprint and can charge a range of silent and non-polluting electric vehicles including cars, scooters and electric bikes - all of which are becoming increasingly popular for personal urban mobility,” writes the company.

According to the company the pod provides 22.5 square metres of internal floor space. This does not include the external, private balcony, making it a comfortable micro flat for a young couple. Each pod has 7.5 square metres of shared communal space below the raised roof solar canopy that can be enclosed if necessary to create a co - housing type shared living room space.