Y&R Paris' 3D printed animals challenge the way life is reproduced

Life can’t be reproduced. Y&R Paris' series of images shows the fragile circumstances of wildlife.

Almost 5 000 of the world’s animal and plant populations are on the endangered species list. Poaching, deforestation and pollution are all contributing to the swift decline of our neighbours on Earth. To draw attention to their plight, Y&R Paris released a series of images depicting the 3D-printing of animals.

Pictured with a 3D-printing mechanism above them, the animals look like they’re being rebuilt. But their fragility is implied through their exposed insides.

At the bottom of the images, one line of text reads “if only they were this easy to reproduce.”

Created for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the series makes it clear that no matter how far technology advances, we won’t be able to use it to replace what we’ve lost.

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