From yesteryear at DI2011 Expo

Recreate's selection of gorgeously upcycled furniture was a key attraction at Design Indaba Expo.

Beautiful, nostalgic and environmentally considerate, it’s almost no wonder Recreate’s extraordinary recycled furniture was a hit at Design Indaba Expo.

The creative force behind it all, Katie Thompson describes Recreate’s Design Indaba Expo experience as “fantastic” and says that since the event people have been flocking to her studio in Woodstock, Cape Town.

About six products were sold off the Expo floor to the public while Thompson has since also been negotiating with a German and French buyer. The general reaction to Recreate’s designs was very positive, with visitors identifying most with the Suitcase Chair.

Thompson was keen to also push some of her other designs like the Hat Box side table, Coca-cola crate side table and Fire Hydrant cupboard. Her strategy worked as these designs did enjoy significant attention.

Thompson found the overall experience to be “amazing” and looks forward to returning next year.

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