A year in the life of a bench

Hungarian photographer’s “Life of a Bench” series captures the diversity of daily activity centered on a simple wooden structure.
Public seating is not something we take much notice of, even if we pass it every day. We may see a homeless person asleep there, the next day a cyclist may be having a rest - but our brains won’t necessarily register all the images from that particular spot or file it into a thought-provoking timeline.
You’ve probably heard the expression “if these walls could talk”. Now Hungarian lawyer-turned-photographer Gabor Erdeyli's images offer a “voice” to a wooden bench in the Spanish seaside town of Barceloneta.
The photos were taken from a balcony outside Erdelyi’s window. He compares the changing scenes on the bench to that of watching a never-ending movie.

The freelance photographer moved to a small fishing village just outside Barcelona and for over a year he captured the changing moments of the locals centered on and around the bench.
Erdelyi has taken more than 100 photographs that show the diversity of the activity around the simple wooden structure. Some are poignant depictions of loneliness, others quiet moments of parenthood or lively gatherings of friends, while others seem to hint at a secret story that begs telling.
The photo series highlights how unaware we humans can be to the constant comings and goings of life around us. Erdelyi offers the opportunity to study and appreciate simple everyday moments.
Erdelyi told DIY Photography that “for me the city, the street and the people are the main subject, I see pictures and little stories everywhere. I could not describe these moments in words. I hope I can do it with my photos.”
All images courtesy of Gabor Erdelyi