X-rated peace and diversity

A KZNSA Gallery exhibition by Cameron Platter, recreating a sculpture studio, in which the public is invited to participate with artists.
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Over the past few years, Cameron Platter has focused on handcrafting drawing, video and sculptural works with meticulous attention, humour and, above all, balancing artistic rigour with a return to childlike simplicity. Platter's hybrid objects for survival in the contemporary world are stranger than fiction.

His off-the-wall, delinquent take on the world is the departure lounge for fantastical works dealing with sex, politics, irony, satire, mortality, adulthood, economics and French Champagne.

At the KZNSA Gallery until November 9, Platter will be recreating a working sculpture studio, in which the public is invited and encouraged to participate with Platter and a team of sculptors who will be assembling, chopping up and customising a large sculptural installation of carved wooden objects, collectively entitled Sculptures for New Living.

New experimental drawing, video, ceramic and print works will also be shown. Don't miss the celebration on Friday November 7, where some of the sculptural pieces will be put to work.