"The World's Pain" by Black Vulcanite

Track of the Week describes the difficulties of a life dedicated to music in insightful rhymes with back-up from an immaculate jazz sample.

Track of the Week “The World's Pain” by the boys of Namibian hip-hop outfit Black Vulcanite returns to their trademark sound: evocative and quirky, with a conscious sense of purpose. The track uses an immaculate but simple jazz sample with vocals by Renee. The lyrics capture the difficulties of a life dedicated to music with creativity and finesse. The rhymes are an insightful reminder that music comes from a personal place but can often become overshadowed by falsehoods of fame, while sending out creative expressions for symbolic capital. What is best about this group is their ability to highlight real issues with a sense of self-awareness, a sense of personality and a sense that hip-hop may not be dead after all.

The members of Black Vulcanite are Allain Villet (aliTHATdude), Mark Mushiva (Mark Question) and Nikolai Tjongarero (Okin). Affiliates of Rude World Records, they began their career creating a new standard for African hip-hop, using the ultimate trifecta for great sound and ingenuity: perfectly honed skill; quality, evocative beats; and a humble approach to their music. As one of the most lucrative genres on the contnent, crossing all borders and winning favour worldwide, hip-hop needs an outfit that remembers what the culture first found its purpose in: telling stories and sparking discourse.  With the release of their first single, "I Hope They Write", came the award for Song of the Year on Namibia's Energy 100, followed by the release of the highly successful EP Remember the Future, co-produced by Swiss beats cognoscente, Maloon The Boom. The boys take pride in promoting "black integrity in metropolitan life" and continue to use their affinity for geek culture and hip-hop to the best of their ability.