From Wonderland at Milan2011

For the "Edra in Wonderland" collection the Campana Brothers pushed the limits of materials to realise some unique creations.

Italian company Edra showcased a collection of designs by the Campanas at the Milan Furniture Fair last week.

Taking its title from the story of Alice, "Edra in Wonderland" showcased the work of, among others, the Campana Brothers, Fernando and Humberto.

Working with natural materials, the pieces in the "Edra in Wonderland" collection sought to embody a sense of comfort and love. Heavy fabrics and ultra-soft animal hides helped to achieve this look and feel.

For the Campana Brothers the material used in each design pieces becomes a value realised unto itself. Their Grinza armchair for this collection has a steel tube frame and polyurethane padding, with vast expanses of leather an eco-fur draped softly over the surface.

The Campanas also contributed to Massimo Morozzi’s Paesaggi Italiani, a cupboard system of spatial subdivision. For the "Edra in Wonderland" 2011 collection, the Paesaggi Italiani was hung with splinters of methacrylate that overlap in multiple layers. “As such, Paesaggi Italiani dressed by the Campanas with mirrored doors, assumes a double meaning: structurally rigorous and frontally oneiric.” Another one of their creations, Straw, sees long strands of raffia cascade abundantly and regularly from the top of the Paesaggi Italiani  system, transforming the geometric image into a totemic, archaic and organic presence.