Wild walk

Tiger & Turtle, Magic Mountain is a roller coaster-like walkway for appreciating the surrounding landscape.

Tiger & Turtle, Magic Mountain is the name of a large steel and zinc structure in the German city of Duisberg. Far afar, this 21 metre-high installation looks just like a roller coater. But rather than offering a wild ride, this roller coaster encourages the rider/walker to take it (very) slowly so that they can appreciate their surroundings.

Rather than offering a ride on a mechanised structure, one has to walk along this roller coaster.

Designed by sculptors Ulrich Genth and Heike Mutter, this public art piece has the same winding curves and loops as theme park rolle rcoasters. Except that you won’t be experiencing it at high speed, but rather have to climb the 249 steps on the 220 metre long walkway. LEDs illuminate the handrails at night, creating a gorgeous circular sculpture in the night sky.

The name Tiger & Turtle, Magic Mountain plays with the idea that one might associate the speed of the rollercoaster with that of a tiger, while the reality here is that one really moves along it at the pace of a turtle. The slow pace gives one the time to enjoy the natural surroundings.

The structure formed part of the city's Capital of Culture project.