Wild life

Inspired by the Big Five, Cath Price Ceramics are quirky, original and getting much love.

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Animal-inspired ceramics are a unique way to incorporate a little bit of South African wildlife into any mealtime!

Cath Price of Cath Price Ceramics started creating animal-themed ceramics seven years ago as a student at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town. Since her student days she has been creating a career in ceramics.

Using the slip cast method her high fire porcelain or white stoneware clay ceramics add a touch of originality to any occasion, while working equally well as covetable display pieces.

The Rhino and Rabbit platters are Price's best sellers and have sparked the growth of her company this year. Price ran her business alone out of her garage using a small kiln. As her designs become more popular it necessitated her to get a bigger studio to keep up with the demand and interest in her work. In addition to a new studio, this year has seen Price also employing her first staff member.

Price was part of the Emerging Creatives programme at Design indaba Expo 2012, a platform which helped to give her creative career a necessary push, and looks forward to returning to the Expo in 2013.

"Being an Emerging Creative this year was a really good break for me," she says.

To view more of Cath Price Ceramics or contact her visit her Facebook page.