Whispering light

High Thorn’s signature safari-lodge look moves from driftwood designs to romantic leather.

Johannesburg-based studio High Thorn designs and manufactures handmade chandeliers and other items of furniture. For the last ten years it has been producing unusual looking lighting with a safari lodge aesthetic. High Thorn’s designers are always experimenting with new designs and materials, but most of their work to date has been in wood and leather.

The High Thorn "Whispers" chandelier is one of Design Indaba Expo 2015’s product spotlights. Made from hand-stripped leather that is draped in tiers, the chandelier has a softer, more tactile feel than the studio’s earlier driftwood pieces.

From below, the chandelier looks like an unfolding flower or an artichoke.

High Thorn’s aesthetic is neutral tones and natural textures. See the leather "Whispers" chandelier at Design Indaba Expo 2015.