Wheeling around

Hella Jongerius's UN Lounge Chair is light and mobile catering for the demand of changeability.

Hella Jongerius’s UN Lounge Chair is the perfect answer to slipping in and out of conversation.

Jongerius recently collaborated with a group of renowned designers to redesign the United Nations Delegate’s Lounge, just in time for this year’s General Assembly. Along with the interior redesign, Jongerius created the UN Lounge Chair, a versatile and mobile chair.

The chair is well suited to its environment, which is designed to hold numerous informal discussions. Made from dark-brown wood, the chair has wheels at the bottom of the two front legs, making it easy to move between conversations. The rest of the chair makes use of upholstered blue fabric, which complements the logo of the United Nations.

The UN Lounge Chair was made exclusively for the United Nations. 

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