Like what?

Brightly coloured and made with knotted fabric. "I like it. What is it?" you may ask...

“I like it. What is it?” is what you may be thinking when you first catch a glimpse of Dutch designer Annebet Philips’s lamps. It is also the name of this funky collection of lights.

Philips hand-crafted a collection of brightly coloured, knotted lamps using stuffed, knitted fabric. The result is a gorgeous nautical-like object that will brighten up any interior space.

The electrical wire with the LED at the end is covered in the knotting process, so as to appear as a tentacle-like lamp. The light pieces can be tied into different shapes, creating a new effect each time.

As LED are non-heating bulbs, this “I Like it. What is it?” can be manipulated as a soft, mouldable object, thereby introducing countless new creative possibilities.