Wearable technology for the visually impaired

Wearable technology from Cairo describes oncoming objects to its users


Mubser is wearable technology that assists the visually impaired by identifying obstacles and naming common objects as they come into the path of the user. The wearable belt connects to a headset via Bluetooth, helping individuals navigate safely and efficiently.

The device works by notifying the user when an obstacle or object comes into their path. A set of sensors activates the vibration motors on the belt, which alerts the users to be aware.  In addition to the vibrating alerts, the Mubser system is pre-loaded with common and critical objects such as staircases, doors and chairs. The user is alerted to this through the earpieces that name the objects in their path.

Launched in 2014 by a technology startup in Cairo, Egypt, Mubser has been exceptionally well received, winning numerous business and technology prizes such as Intel Business Challenge in Egypt, Shaghal Competition Nahdet el Mahrousah, Egypt and The Anzisha Prize in South Africa.

The mubser device is reliant on RGB images and infrared depth captured by the capabilities of Microsoft’s Kinect camera system to recognize oncoming objects and transcribe them from shape to sound.

Khaled Abo Shady, creator of Mubser, which means ‘sighted’, developed the product after he met a fifteen-year-old child who had lost their sight. The idea of being blind really affected Shady and as an entrepreneur and innovator, he knew he could and wanted to help.

 Image: Vimeo screenshot

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