Ways of loving

An exhibition space designed by Maxim Velčovský pays tribute to Finnish designer Alvar Aalto.

“Miksi rakastamme Alvar Aalto?” or "‘Why do we love Alvar Aalto?” is the name of an exhibition at the Křehký gallery in Prague that presents a tribute to the prominent Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto.

Running until 30 April 2011, the exhibition looks at Aalto’s work, as well as the impact he made on the design scene. The special, almost stage-like installation was created by Maxim Velčovský to be reminiscent of a Finnish landscape.

From as early as the 1930s Aalto became known for his treatment of wood and the stylish purity that turned him into an icon of Scandanavian design. The curators describe the “Miksi rakastamme Alvar Aaltoa?” exhibition as “a personal declaration of admiration for Alvar Aalto and presents its free associations with contemporary design.”

Watch the Talk with Maxim Velčovský