Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones are known for their surreal approach to photography

Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones turn photography on its head with their unique artistic process.

Photography and filmmaking duo, Nick Thornton Jones and Warren Du Preez are considered two of the industry's most innovative creatives. With titles like the NY Times Magazine under their belt alongside successful collaborations with names like UNKLE and Bjork, the London-based team easily influence the worlds of image making, film and music.

Du Preez, a self-taught photographer, left his home city of Johannesburg and arrived in London in 1989. He began shooting for magazines in 1992, while Thornton Jones started his career as an art director. The pair have collaborated together since 1998. W&N decided early on that they were not to be boxed into the category of “photographers for hire”.

Their unique process combines light and form with performance. W&N have managed to lead viewers through the landscape of their imaginations. The artists challenge the notions of beauty and fashion to show photography in a completely new light.

The team have also worked extensively on the visual identities of musicians like James Lavelle, Massive Attack, Trevor Jackson, Alexander McQueen and Bjork. They are currently working on a virtual reality (VR) experience for Bjork’s latest video, “Not Get”. The team will direct the creation of a 2D live performance, 3D production, which will later be expanded into a fully immersive, virtual reality experience. This is just one of the team’s up and coming innovative projects.

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W&N collaborated with Bjork on multiple occasions.
W&N collaborated with Bjork on multiple occasions.
W&N collaborated with Bjork on multiple occasions.
Created for Muse, Model: Masha Novasolova
New cover art for Elliott Powers debut album “Once Smitten”

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