Wag the tail

Greyworld's very playful Tail for humans is now on Kickstarter!

Doesn’t everyone want a tail? After all, it lets you express your cheeky side and gives you a voice when you standing still! Andrew Shoben and the folks at Greyworld were curious about what it would be like to have a tail and has set out to create an expressive, controllable and playful Tail for humans a few years ago. 

The artists played with various tail options to reach the final prototype – a fully controllable tail that can bend and flex, knock things off tables, tremble, twist and curl, wag, and of course get frisky.

Now, in an effort to make the Tails more widely available Greyworld is using a Kickstarter campaign, which will help make the Tails in desired quantity, get volume discounts to produce them at affordable prices and expand the range of furs and materials that can be chosen.

Greyworld’s Tail is approximately 60cm long and available in four different styles: Panther (black), Snow Leopard (black and white), Lion (beige), or Bond Villain Cat (white). If none of these tickle your fancy, Greyworld offers a variety of fabrics such as tartan and leather to suit your taste.

Each Tail comes with a remote control that allows its user to select four different movement modes through pressing one of the buttons. Mode One is slow moves – slow wags, trembles and flicks. Mode Two is fast moves – wags, twists and flicks. Mode Three is a selection of all the moves in a fun mix. Mode Four is for dancing – tap the button in time to music and watch your Tail dance along to the beat.

If you want your own Tail back the project here. There are lots of different rewards for backers, and each receives a complimentary copy of In the City.

Watch the Talk with Andrew Shoben