Vibrant art installation uplifts San Antonio airport

Gabriel Dawe completes his latest public art project.

Plexus C18 is renowned installation artist Gabriel Dawe’s latest chromatic creation. He has installed a massive, vibrantly-hued network of threads that imitate the shape of an aeroplane.

In the Dallas-based artist’s signature style, the installation resembles a rainbow of smoothly graded colours. Plexus C18’s carefully arranged threads give it a prism effect that emulates the complete spectrum of light.

The artwork is made of nearly 90 miles of dyed thread and is suspended high between the wall and ceiling of San Antonio airport’s otherwise monotone B-gate corridor. The project was commissioned by Blue Star Contemporary and will remain on display until 2019.

“What’s wonderful about this project is the fact that it will be seen by thousands of travellers, and my hope is that Plexus C18 will bring them some joy in their journey," Dawe said of the artwork.