Vera de Pont designs clothing for a world submerged in water

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Vera de Pont designs garments and accessories for inhabitants of an imaginary underwater planet.

Vera de Pont, a Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, has designed Floaters of the Waterplanet, a materials and accessories trend forecast project imagined for a world submerged in water.

De Pont, a graduate from the department of Man and Identity, designed a collection of outfits and accessories that explore new materials and new ways to bring together materials, based on the idea that the people who wear them must move through the water.

The graduate’s garments are lightweight and foamy. She incorporated strong knits and cords to make the clothing water repellent.

Her designs for this collection have also led to the discovery of new production methods such as “gevacuümvormd” ­– a one step production process used to make the hats in the collection. The red hat consists of two layers, a foam layer and a transparent layer, which are suctioned of any air and water by a machine.

The gevacuümvormd method removes the need for sewing, as do other methods used by the designer including, heat film and a heat press.

Floaters of the Waterplanet is an imaginative project that provides a playful view on materials and accessories. Given the ubiquitous fears surrounding global warming and rising sea levels, De Pont’s design might come in handy.

De Pont is also the designer behind Pop Up, a fashion collection of five silkscreen-printed or woven coats where each garment can be cut out from a single piece of material by the wearer. The Eindhoven graduate’s Pop Up design is a single piece of fabric, the coat simply pops out of the material and is ready to wear.

Vera de Pont exhibited both Pop Up and Floaters of the Waterplanet as a part of Dutch Design Week. All images courtesy Vera de Pont.

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