Vanishing lines

United Visual Artists create an interactive installation that invites visitors to explore the concepts of perspective and space.

Exploring the concept of perspective, United Visual Artists have created an interactive installation allowing visitors to engage with the boundaries of open space.

London-based interaction designers United Visual ArtistsVanishing Point installation is inspired by sketches of great masters including Leon Battista Alberti, Leonardo Da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer. Employing perspective as a tool and visual outcome, the installation reshapes, redefines and represents a pristine space.

Vanishing Point is executed using lasers, which send white lines through a dark space from an arbitrary point resulting in the creation of different volumes, divisions and rooms.

The installation can be experienced at the Olympus OM-D: Photography Playground in Berlin until 24 May 2013. 

Watch the Talk with United Visual Artists (UVA)