Urban Capital

The new Capital headphones by KiBiSi are a sleek and durable must-have for on-the-go urbanites.

Flexible, foldable, durable and effortlessly iconic, KiBiSi’s new “Capital” headphones for AiAiAi are ideal for the on-the-go urbanite.

Capital is made of fiber-reinforced nylon with a rubber brace to achieve a headphone that can withstand the harsh environmental realities of city life. In fact, the device has been tested in rain, snow and dirt and succeeded in producing clear, crisp sound in all these conditions.

For the design of the headphones KiBiSi used materials and solutions typical of the cityscape: “The sliding feature is inspired by the bindings on road cycling shoes, the cushions are made from foam also found in modern car seats and the headband is made of a lightweight rubber predominantly used on bike handles.”

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