Unpolished but Polish at Milan2011

unPolished at Ventura Lambrate during the Milan Furniture Fair features the original work of young Polish designers and design groups.

The unPolished exhibition, subtitled "Young design from Poland/Milan" exhibition will take place at Ventura Lambrate during the Milan Furniture Fair from 12 to 17 April 2011, will feature the work of some of the most exciting young Polish designers of the moment.

Presenting the work of 16 Polish designers and design groups of the 30-something generation, the exhibition is organised by the Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Rome and the Polish Embassy in Rome.

Most of the works on display are prototypes, unique copies or limited series. These are designers who are known for using inexpensive, natural and widely available materials like wood, felt or recycled materials. The designers whose work is represented in unPolished also generally produce the works themselves or with help from local crafters.

Some of the designs are inspired by Polish traditions, materials and crafts. Others are characterised by humour or irony, and exist on the border between art and design.