Unique separation

Nendo's latest exhibition space invites surprise and curiosity through a unique concept of using "people" to mark sections.

Drawing on the silhouettes of people, Nendo designed an exhibition space that invited surprise and curiosity.

Japanese design studio Nendo designed the exhibition space for the Elle Deco International Design Awards using 60 panels cut-out into shapes of people. The shapes were placed together to create a wall that organised the exhibition space.

Defying traditional methods of separating space through stands and walls, Nendo’s cut-out figures resembled groups of gathered people viewing each of the 13 sections of the exhibition. The areas without cut-out figures became the passageways between different works.

The "walls of people" made the work on display difficult to see from afar and encouraged people to come in closer and view the work over one another’s shoulders.

The Elle Deco International Design Awards was held at the Audi Forum in Tokyo late last year.