Kraftisan's new Flapstand is a handy laptop stand made of birch plywood with cork finishes.

Flexible and fun, Kraftisan’s new Flapstand laptop stand is a must for laptop users.

“Whether you are working, tweeting, blogging or simply watching a movie, the Flapstand will aid your everyday activities by providing your laptop with a gradual incline that promotes healthy posture,” says Lucas R Adams of Kraftisan.

The Flapstand uses only one locking piece for easy assembly and was designed using an innovative cutting technique that allows the wood to flex.

Furthermore, the Flapstand is made from 6mm birch plywood with cork inlays on the top and bottom that made for gently supporting surfaces.

Kraftisan first presented the Flapstand at Design Indaba Expo 2013. “Design Inadaba was once again a massive success with us quadrupling our stock, launching a new product, and selling out much like last year, making us very happy!” says Adams.