U-Safe: Remote-controlled sea rescue

This device takes some of the risk out of sea rescue missions.
Noras Performance

Portuguese company Noras Performance have created a device that could save lives while preserving the safety of rescuers. Drowning victims, especially adults, can be dangerous: in their panic, drowning victims instinctively clutch to anything to pull themselves up, essentially pinning down the rescuer. The U-Safe by Noras Performance hopes to avoid this double tragedy by keeping rescuers out of the water.

The U-Safe is a remote-controlled lifesaving buoy. Once tossed into the water, lifesavers are able to navigate the u-shaped device using a joystick-like device. It has two handles, making it easy for the the drowning person to latch on once it’s in reach.

According to Springwise, the sturdy invention can withstand harsh weather and rough sea conditions. Once it has reached the person in distress, rescuers can direct it back to the boat or shore.

The company hopes the device will be available for mass consumption soon.