Two Italian craftsmen create glass inspired by bubble wrap

Maya Lapp and Denis Perera subvert the irresistible desire to play with bubble wrap by casting it in glass.

Fragile is the collaborative project between two Italian glass lovers, Maya Lapp and Denis Perera, owners of the studio-cum-glass-laboratory Glass MaDe. The duo drew inspiration for Fragile from the stress-relieving material that also supports their daily activities in glass work: bubble wrap.

The project sees the craftsmen experimenting with a new process that, through trial and error, bore the design of their new concept.

In the final production process, the duo made a casting a mould from bubble wrap and then poured liquid glass over the bubble wrap mould. Then the designers draped glass – in its liquid stage – over a wrinkled wire mesh to give Fragile its distinctive wavelike shape.

The resulting form is a tactile paradox: an ornament made of the very material that bubble wrap is made to protect – glass.

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