Tube hotel

A tubular, pyramid-like hotel targets budget travellers in Mexico. It comes with a spectacular view and is built with recycled concrete.

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About an hour out of Mexico City the Tubohotel can be found. But this is no ordinary hotel in Tepoztlan, one of Mexico’s more popular destinations. It’s unique accommodation for budget travellers with a great view of the surrounding mountains and it’s made with recycled materials.

The brainchild of T3arc Architects, the Tubohotel uses recycled concrete tubing for its rooms, instantly reducing the ecological footprint of the structure. Each room is designed in a tubular shape, with three tubes being stacked together to resemble a pyramid. With the one end of the tube “sealed” with a window, it ensures that visitors have a panoramic view of the surrounds from the comfort of their queen-size bed.

The room at the top of the pyramid is accessible via a flight of stairs on the outside. There are two bath houses, private showers and toilets available on site.