Tshepo Sedumo’s handmade portable boomboxes

The Johannesburg-based startup Grove Audio creates custom designed wooden boomboxes.

Tshepo Sedumo, a Johannesburg-based artisan creates custom made boomboxes inspired by nostalgia. Through his startup company Grove Audio, Sedumo brings people together with his wooden creations.

“Back in the day, boomboxes brought people together through the power of music, their striking designs and the ability to be played anywhere; and that's what I aim for,” he says.

His designs are made of wood and covered with a leather-textured fabric. He explains that he uses wood for its great acoustic properties, which is vital to his boomboxes. Sedumo believes that by using quality materials and hand making the boomboxes, he ensures that his product is unique.

“I source all the components individually and then bring them together to create an experience that sets my creations apart from the rest. I use the word "experience" because I don't view my work as simple music players,” he explains. 

As for authenticity, Sedumo says, “If it’s made by hand it comes from the heart.”

Although not formally trained in his field, Sedumo has taken a DIY approach to his career. “I've always had an interest in woodwork and general DIY activities and have been honing my skills ever since. A few years ago I took an interest in audio equipment as well and decided to merge the two interests. The rest as they say, is history.”

Sedumo hopes to eventually expand his business to other wooden creations. 

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