True to form

Transformation is a Dutch installation that pays tribute to the aesthetics of vernacular architecture.

Transformation is an installation in a little Dutch town, in the province of Brabant, that draws attention to a landscape that will be transformed into a large-scale housing development over the next couple of years.

Tjep designers were responsible for the installation, which seeks to highlight the importance of maintaining elements of the original architecture. They designed a series of steel elements that would resemble the outline of a traditional Dutch farm building, if viewed from a certain angle.

The outline of the installation is true to the proportions of typical Dutch farmhouses with the distance between the roof and the gutter being longer than the distance between the gutter and the ground.

Tjep describes Transformation as a take on the classical perspective distortion of “anamorphosis”: “As one approaches the installation one only distinguishes an abstract set of white lines scattered across the field. The key to the installation is revealed when one stands on a round plateau at a certain point, from here the lines form an iconic farm outline, in which the formula is revealed.”

Walking around the installation, visitors will experience something of a visual trick with the transformation of abstraction to visualisation, similar to the way in which the landscape will be transformed.

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