Tried and tested

The field of design that emulates nature's tried 'n tested ways is gradually gaining momentum. Learn more about biomimicry at a workshop.

All designer’s can probably take a page from nature’s book for finding the best natural solutions to human problems.

Biomimicry is an emerging design discipline that studies nature’s best ideas and imitates these designs and process for human application.

The Two Oceans Aquarium and Biomimicry South Africa are presenting an Introductory Biomimicry Workshop on 27 and 28 July 2010.

Presented by biomimicry professional Claire Janisch, the workshop will appeal to anybody from designers, city planners and biologists to students or anybody interested in the magic of nature.

The workshop will explore topics such as sustainable solutions, valuing biodiversity, emulating nature’s time-tested designs and new problem solving methods while inspiring innovation.

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