A triangle of fun

BIG's 950-974 Market will be a smorgasbord of entertainment options for San Francisco.

Bjarke Ingels Group is the winner of 950-974 Market, a mixed-use development including residences, retail, arts space and theatres in the heart of San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighbourhood.

BIG, founded by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, will be working alongside real estate development company Group I to develop an urban space that bridges the gap between real estate development, urban design, technology, arts and community space.

The selection of BIG as our design partner demonstrates the level of innovation and creativity we intend to bring to 950-974 Market in both its physical and conceptual forms, said Joy Ou, president of Group I.

The site is an irregularly shaped triangular piece of land that is currently home to vacant or underused buildings. The project follows BIG’s extensive experience in playfully integrating public space with commercial programmes to maximise the value of the land, economic and community benefits.

"This will be our first project on the West Coast. I am happy that we now get a chance to help develop such a significant site on Market Street," said Ingels.

It’s an unusual combination of a prime location and a landmark presence with a great potential for social and urban transformation, he added.

BIG will be starting the initial stages of public outreach and collaboration within the next few months. A project website is now live to offer neighbours and stakeholders their first glimpse at the project’s philosophy and approach.  

Watch the Talk with Bjarke Ingels