Treetop luxury

Shigeru Ban has constructed a "tree house" on Yakushima Island made from a selection of paper tubes.

Nestled in the trees of the National Park on Yakushima Island in Kagoshima, Japan, a mountain lodge designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban comfortably sits.

Renowned for using paper tubes in the construction of houses, pavilions and even churches, Ban’s work provides a sustainable take on architecture.

The Yakushima Takatsuka Lodge is built on the foundation of a dilapidated hut that needed to be demolished. Made using a number of paper tubes and transparent tubes, the hut allows in ample light. The tubes can easily be replaced if damaged over time due to the harsh environment of the mountains.

A vertically stacked interior accommodates a mezzanine level and small balcony, giving direct access to the surrounding landscape and helping visitors to connect with nature in a sustainable and natural way.