Tree house

What looks like a giant tree house in the middle of a city is a very sustainable apartment block in Mexico.

From the Series

Mexican studio Talller 13’s Nicolas San Juan apartment building in Mexico City is not only super sustainable, but the inspiration for the structure also comes from trees.

The seven-unit apartment building was designed in collaboration with structural engineers to ensure optimal seismic performance. With apartment space comprising two or three levels, the whole concept works to optimise the use of materials and its resistance while also featuring generous living space.

Green points can be scored all round at Nicolas San Juan. It employs solar water heating, rainwater collection, proper wall isolation, uses only certified wood and non-toxic paint, and uses a waste management system. The building will also have a green rooftop with a cool bamboo structure and green balconies when the plants start growing. The central patio encourages cross ventilation and thus temperature control.