Transcending conventions

The recent Saint Etienne International Design Biennale explored notions of teleportation and showed some Protofarm 2050 projects.

The sixth Saint Etienne International Design Biennale recently took place in France and centred around the theme of teleportation.

It explored various paths of discoveries that, in extreme expression, could lead to possible teleportation as “the dematerialisation of movement which appears to be an incredibly revealing notion of our era”.

The Biennale attracted a diverse range of designers and attendees, proving that creative disciplines can take many forms and is often motivated by human uses. The event is built on exhibitions that promote contemporary creations while “all objects, images and services exhibited to the visitors may either questions serious issues or show unexpected visions”.

Demain, c’est aujourd’hui #3, curated by Claire Fayolle, was the only exhibition at the Biennale that featured products and projects gathered from various industrial fields, including automotive, electronic, medical and energy. The projects were all imagined by major international groups, design agencies and schools and “prefigure the products of tomorrow and offer an outlook on the way we shall be living in the future”.

The exhibition also featured work commissioned by Design Indaba for the Protofarm 2050 project and includes the work of Frank Tjepkema, Revital Cohen and 5.5 Designers. Considering various aspects of daily life, the projects looked at ways of producing energy and food in more self-sufficient ways.

Demain, c’est aujourd’hui #3 was the third edition of a series of exhibitions dedicated to prospective design initiated as part of the 2006 biennale.

Watch the Talk with Revital Cohen