The TransBrasil project explores gender identity through photography

Brazil is reportedly the world’s most violent place for transgender people. Jetmir Idrizi’s photo series documents the country's persecuted community.

Kosovo Albanian photographer Jetmir Idrizi headed to Brazil to document the countries transgender community as part of a project titled “TransBrasil”. The series of photographs aimed to deepen our understanding of gender identity issues.

Transgender people express their gender identities in many different ways. Some people use their dress, behaviour and mannerisms to live as the gender that feels natural to them. Others reject the labels of masculine and feminine, living instead as gender fluid or non-binary and other terms.

Hate crimes against transgender people in Brazil are widespread. In April, the Huffington Post reported that 57 transgender people had been killed so far in 2016. It’s believed that the actual number of murders is much higher as the killings are sometimes not reported as hate crimes.

Idrizi’s project draws attention to the people affected by the stigma against transgender people in the country. It was awarded first prize in the Campaign category of the Sony World Photography awards 2016.