Trained naturally

Studio Tjep designed elements of the new Fabbrica restaurant in The Netherlands. They made it less shiny and more natural.

Frank Tjepkema’s Studio Tjep designed some of the interior elements for the Fabbrica restaurant in Bergen in The Netherlands.

Studio Tjep wanted have less gloss and shine here, opting rather for a more earthy look and feel, with the emphasis on materials rather than painted surfaces. The studio also felt that this would be a more realistic reflection of current economic conditions.

Dining pods that look like train cabins are lined with unfinished timber that works to create a more authentic appearance.

Other interesting features of Fabbrica in Bergen include a large pizza oven covered with gorgeous Bisazza tiles, for a mosaic-like effect. Industrial-style containers for holding the firewood also works to add a visual element to the space. The lighting infrastructure is also connected to the wood containers, which is a means of sparing materials.

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