Top 10 Creative Crowdfunding Projects | November 2017

We've scoured the web for compelling creative campaigns around the globe that you might want to support in their quest for funding. Have a look!

Global couture – celebrating cultural and fashion diversity

Global couture book

Global Couture is a a tribute to clothing traditions from around the world through art commissions and illustrated goods. Created by visual artist Araki Koman, the current series of illustrations brings together 31 unique outfits from around the world which she hopes to expand to a complete encyclopaedia of illustrations depicting over 200 garbs each with an in-depth profile on the role they play in their respective culture. Read more.

Gosun Go – A new way to cook using only sunlight

The Gosun Go is a portable cooking device that was designed to harness pure sunlight to cook entire meals on the go. Perfect for off-grid living and travelling, the Gosun's central tube is able to boil water, roast potatoes and cook just about anything else as an electricity-free oven. Read more.

Malika – the fantasy West African comic project


Malika is the comic book brainchild of Nigerian creative director Roye Okupe. Set in 15th-century West Africa, the story is heavily influenced by fantasy folklore and history of this region. The graphic novel follows the exploits of queen and military commander Malika, who struggles to keep the peace in her ever-expanding empire. Read more.

Litterati – the global community that is cleaning up our planet


From students in South Africa to activists in Italy and neighbours in the US, Litterati is a mobile app-based community that brings together the environmental progress of eco-minded people. "We're designing a mobile app connecting the community that's cleaning the planet, to drive an even greater impact - one piece of litter at a time." Read more.

Knowsy women collection

KNOWSY Women is a visual encyclopedia of 100 of the most inspiring and influential women throughout modern history. The series includes women in fields ranging from science, engineering and maths, to the arts, sports and adventure. It combines well-known icons with lesser known names in stylish art form whose achievements have had a significant influence and yet have been underrepresented in history. Read more.

Sweet dreams – life, love and death in Mexico

Sweet Dreams is a street photography book that delves into the heart and soul of Mexico, specifically in the cities of Guadalajara, Oaxaca and Guanajuato. The book collates over 100 photographs that are inspired by cultural traditions such as Day of the Dead, brought to life through unexpected modern day interpretations by photographers Charlie Kwai, Chris Lee and Paul Storrie. Read more.

Going Home

Going Home documentary series

Going Home is a documentary series that explores the goals, struggles, and accomplishments of African immigrants who have returned home. Led by filmmaker Momo Dione, Going Home tells the compelling stories of those who seek to reestablish their roots after enduring displacement – for better or worse. Read more.

Dog Years – an illustrated book about mental health

Dog years

Dog Years is a book about depression, but it isn’t depressing. It’s about learning to live with what ails you, and realising that you are not alone. According to the creator, visual artist Kaye Blegvad, "Depression is like owning a bad dog. This is a book about living with that dog, training it, and learning to make peace with it." Read more.

Laab Magazine – the newspaper on black identity and popular myth

Laam magazine

LAAB Magazine is a collective newspaper that, in its first issue, dismantles the lethal tropes of black representation in sci-fi & pop culture. Conceived and produced by the cartoonist, designer and writer Ronald Wimberly, LAAB is an annual review full of comics, criticism, design, interviews, artwork, and writing on the intersection of identity and popular culture, printed on tabloid-sized newspaper. Read more.

Hexatope – design your own jewellery

Hexatope is an innovative design system that allows you to design your very own sterling silver or gold adornments. It puts the consumer at the center of the creative process while the physical production takes place at the Hexatope studio in the UK, before it is mailed to your location. Read more.

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