Three other designs from Milan 2010

The Green Trace umbrella stand by Innovo, Forte musical furniture by 45 Kilo and Laikingland’s nonsensical machines.

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“Random human action can lead to the birth of life,” according to Innovo Design Studio from China. The Green Trace umbrella stand collects the rain runoff from umbrellas for the grass seeds imbedded beneath the perforated surface. Indeed, random human action can lead to a lawn in the foyer.

Easily mistaken for a Bauhaus doodle, the multifunctional Forte provides storage room for electronic instruments, as well as being a table. Like the ghost of a grand piano, the “old classic” might be called “musical furniture”, according to designers Daniel Klapsing and Philipp Camille Schöpfer of 45 Kilo in Germany. Website:

Miniature collapsing chairs, tea cups full of mechanical storms and a machine that goes off with a bang are just some of Laikingland’s nonsensical machines. A creative collaboration between artist Martin Smith and engineer Nick Regan, Laikingland also draws on work from the likes of Ted Norten, Fresh West, John Lumbus and Atelier NL. Website: