They Still Live: Ancient african art is resuscitated in urban settings

Photography project They Still Live reconstructs African roots to build a bridge between ancient tribal art and modern tomorrows.

Made to be liberating, eye-opening and informative, They Still Live is a photography project driven by the effort to spark interest in individuals in Africa to discover their heritage and learn the history of their origins. This project is established by co-creator, producer and photographer Thomas Evans alongside co-producer and photographer Tya Alisa. They Still Live merges the old with the new, taking Dr Paul Hamilton's African art pieces such as sculptures, carvings, masks and ceremonial folk pieces as story defining props.

Hamilton is an art collector who has been collecting since 1980 and has over 800 pieces of African art in his home, ranging in utilitarian, historic and geographic importance. With access to Hamilton’s collections Evans and Alisa aim to recover and answer questions that results in a form of self discovery by integrating the art into interesting urban spaces. 

The project is sponsored by a privately held internet company that operates as a network of genealogical and historical record. The project premiered on 30th June at Redline in Colorado USA.