These superhero illustrations appeal to children from every walk of life

In the second iteration of his Super Shadows series, Ratliff encourages every child to be a hero.

From the Series

US-based illustrator Jason Ratliff wants to remind children that superheroes come in all races, genders and abilities in his new series Super Shadows II. The series is the second instalment of the series that looks to unlock the superhero in every child.

In the first part of the series, Super Shadows, Ratliff depicts a child playing “pretend” alongside a colourful shadow of the superhero he or she is pretending to be. In the second iteration, Ratliff takes a more inclusive approach, depicting kids of different races and ages, some of the differently abled.

“Ratliff wants to bring children hope, empowerment, and the idea that the impossible is possible. Possibilities are endless just like a child’s imagination…,” wrote his representatives.

Fifty per cent of the proceeds from the sale of the 17 artworks will be donated to Cook Children’s Medical Center in the United States.