Theatrical interior

The mandate for Dutch product and interior designer Marcel Wanders was to create “a feeling of celebration” in the Hong Kong Mira Moon Hotel.

The interior design of Mira Moon draws on the mythology of the Chinese Moon Festival fairytale: a legend about the Moon Goddess of Immortality. The main characters in the story appear recurringly throughout the hotel: the Goddess, the Archer, the Jade Rabbit and the moon.

The interiors, created by Marcel Wanders in collaboration with residential and hotel design company, yoo, feature modern furnishings with antique Chinese fabrics and prints, peony flower wall details, tailored carpets, digitally composed Bisazza tile graphics and a "lucky charm" feature wall in the lobby. Ceramics, carved timber and cut crystal are used throughout. The colour scheme is a bold surge of lacquered whites and rich China reds, alongside a warm colour palette of orange, brown and light green.

"Wanchai, where it is located, has a real feel of rich and colourful history," Wanders said.

"It has a dynamic vibe and exotic aura that is a fabulous backdrop for a boutique hotel and reminds me a little of Holland’s Rotterdam. I wanted to contribute a certain aesthetic from a western perspective and blend that with an overall Asian sensibility for developing the room interiors. Ultimately the idea was to impart an effect that was romantic, inspiring and poetic, which I think has been achieved so beautifully."

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