Take in air not alcohol at this underwater bar

Clear Lounge is the world's first underwater oxygen bar and experience system.

Designers have a tendency to look at the normal and turn it on its head - the creators behind Mexico’s underwater oxygen bar are no different. Dubbed the Clear Lounge, the underwater bar is about taking gulps of flavoured air rather than booze. It offers a range of activities and health benefits that are usually not associated with a night at the local pub.

“We’re excited to introduce such an innovative underwater attraction,” said Jim Mayfield, Sub Sea Systems’ President at the time of Clear Lounge’s launch in April 2015. “We see experiences as one of the hottest trends in entertainment. Clear Lounge is truly a unique social novelty. It’s incredibly fun, memorable, and an activity guests are excited to share and talk about.”

Guests are immersed in the Clear Lounge experience, breathing enriched oxygen through their Sea TREK helmet diving technology while playing games like Jenga and target practice in a 13 000 gallon, freestanding aquarium. The cube first opened in Puerta Maya in Cozumel, Mexico and is now available to families and tourists and even children over the age of eight years old.

The experience will set guests back by around $38 per half hour. It also includes an underwater photo booth equipped with props and a customisable digital display wall.

“Colourful LED lights and bubble curtains set the ambiance as guests play games, take photos, interact with spectators on the outside, and walk around in this near-zero gravity environment, day or night,” says the company. “To keep the energy going out of the water, Clear Lounge serves all natural, oxygen-infused fruit smoothies.”

Sub Sea Systems is currently constructing the next Clear Lounge system and plans to produce many more.

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