Sustainable tower

The Bionic Arch by Vincent Callebaut Architects proposes a multi-purpose sustainable tower for the Taichung Gateway City in Taiwan.

The Bionic Arch is a concept tower for the Taichung Gateway City in Taiwan.

Designed by Vincent Callebaut Architects, the tower proposes the integration of a park, green land, vertical platforms, sky gardens and living facades, all aimed at harmonising the human environment and the built environment.

It is also envisioned that the Bionic Arch produces and utilises sustainable energy in the form of wind and solar power, as well as botanical and bio-technologies.

The Bionic Arch will stand some 490 metres above sea level with an aerodynamic geometry inspired by nature itself. Inside the tower exhibition rooms, shops, observatories, laboratories, restaurants and an information centre will contribute to the functional value of what is expected to become an iconic feature on Taiwan’s skyline.

As a whole this concept project is aimed at raising awareness about climate change and the need for environmental protection as a 100% self-sufficient structure with zero carbon emissions.

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