Surface tension

Front Studio have created a lamp that will transform its shade to reveal over three million colours over the course of 50 000 hours.

Forming a bubble every few seconds to create a multi-coloured temporary structure, Front’s “Surface Tension Lamp” constantly changes to reveal a transparent yet colourful lampshade.

“Surface Tension Lamp” draws on the idea of a constantly evolving lampshade that supplies the room with a vast variety of colours every second the light shines.   

We wanted to create a constantly changing lamp that combines the most ephemeral of lampshade with an LED light source, says Front.

The average Led light bulb lasts for about 50 000 hours and in this time “Surface Tension Lamp” will have created three million different globe shades.

“Surface Tension Lamp “ has been nominated by the Design Museum in London for the Designs of the Year 2013. The lamp will be included in the Designs of the Year exhibition, taking place at the museum from 20 March 2013. 

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