Super snug

Warm, colourful and fun. The "Thuggie" is the most comfortable must-have piece of clothing we've seen in a while.
Posted 27 Dec 11 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

When it comes to comfort and warmth, one would have to look quite far to match that which the humble hoodie can offer.

This was more or less the sentiment that led Kim Bowie to designing the branding, naming and identity of the Thuggie, or “the most comfortable garment you will ever wear”, under the Why Not Apparel Inc label. The first-ever, un-named, Thuggie garment was sewn by Bryan Pudney.

Thuggie is basically a “ludicrously oversized garment” that can be likened to a long, giant hoodie that is simply warm and snug. But more than just absolute comfort, insulating your body against the cold is much more environmentally friendly than insulating your home, making the Thuggie a green way to keep warm in winter.

The Thuggie and the Thugglet (the baby verison) and the Chuggie (a hoodie for beverages) is enjoying attention in all corners of the world.

There’s been some confusion and concern about the name “Thuggie”, and its possible reference to thugs preferring hoodies. Bowie clarifies: “I never meant for anyone to think that a comically oversized, brightly coloured hooded sweatshirt could in any way be construed as an attempt at gangsterism. The fact that that is now driving some of the conversation, while hilarious, just adds another level, another chapter to this whole thing. We don’t promote thuggery, just comfort.”