Sunshine cooking

A new restaurant experience in Europe uses only solar energy to cook the food.

The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant, launched at the Milan Furniture Fair last month, is a new restaurant concept where all the cooking is done using pure solar energy.

Challenging perceptions of the kitchen, cooking and food, the restaurant brings together the creative experience of designer Martí Guixé, Finnish food visionary Antto Melasniemi and Lapin Kulta beer.

The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant will follow the sun through Europe this summer, popping up in various cities, celebrating the sun, gourmet cooking, beer, life and art. The restaurant’s trail will head towards the never-setting summer sun of the Arctic Circle.

Solar heat is said to noticeably affect the taste and texture of food, in a positive way. An environmental and gastronomic art project as well as a gourmet eatery, the Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant highlights key contemporary themes: a nature-driven process, flexibility and immediacy. Depending on the sunshine of a given day, the kitchen is able to do a solar barbeque, meals prepared at lower temperatures or salads.

A glimpse at the future of restaurant experiences? For now, the Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant is only open on sunny days.

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