Suit up

Halsuit, a new retail concept store by Nendo, mimics the typical office environment, making it ideal for buying suits.

From the Series

“Halsuit” is a new concept design for the Japanese men’s suit retailer Haruyama.

The shop has a large variety of suits, shirts and ties and while they get lots of customers they have found that shoppers often feel overwhelmed by the variety.

So Japanese designers Nendo stepped in to revamp the suit shopping experience.

Nendo’s first step was to move Haruyuma’s fitting rooms from the edge of the shop floor to the centre. The outside walls of the dressing cubicles were then put to use as showcases for different ways of coordinating suits.

Accessories to match the suits were arranged around the counter areas, becoming a focal point that helps shoppers find something that best works with their new suit.

Nendo designed the rest of the space to mimic the typical office environment: the lighting is reminiscent of desk lamps and the shelving is similar to office storage units. LCD screens can be seen throughout the space and the sale area for shirts has been turned into a “server room”.

Shoppers make their purchases at a "reception desk" and lounge and conference room-type spaces help shoppers to imagine their own work styles as they select their suit.

The idea behind it all is, of course, that suits are mostly worn to work so it only makes sense to shop for a suit in a work-like environment. Nendo says that the design of the shop reflects Haruyama's brand concept, “that men should define and enjoy their personal working style”.