The streets of Taiwan at Milan2011

At the Milan Furniture Fair Yii Design explores the synergy between craft and design on the streets of Taiwan.

Taiwanese design brand Yii translates the crafts and traditions of their country into the language of contemporary design.

At the Milan Furniture Fair, which runs from 12 to 17 April, Yii will be presenting the Street Life exhibition as a new way of looking at the culture of Taiwan through design. The exhibition recognises the everyday elements of daily life and interprets these as design objects with refined and skilled craft techniques. The various objects that comprise this collection are all unique to their native tradition, renewing an authentic and deep meaning to the “Made in Taiwan” label.

Street Life also features new concepts by international designers who, in turn, interpret Taiwanese street culture through their perspective. Objects in the collection include porcelain crockery shaped like disposable fast food plates, a lantern that can be used indoors and outdoors, a mirror frame made from motorcycles and a couch made of hand-woven bamboo balls.

The design brand Yii is an initiative by the Taiwan Craft Research Institute with Droog co-founder Gijs Bakker as creative director.