Storing house

The "Under My Roof" storage system highlights the connection between iconic architectural pieces and industrial design.

“Under My Roof” is a desk storage/sorting system by designer Christian Vivanco.

Vivanco explains that the project is part of a bigger experiment with which he highlights the connection between architectural icons and the use of scale and proportion, as applied in industrial design.

The architectural icon in this case is the traditional red-roofed Nordic cottage with its angled roof that makes it easy to spot in Nordic countries. “Under My Roof” also represents a typical doll’s house, which reminds one of the need to organise and store small items, much as one does with an office storage system.

The Nordic cottage, the doll’s house and the need to organise is what Vivanco calls the three axes on which the design is based. He explains that a vertical shelving system makes use of the architectural elements, so that each level of “Under My Roof” represents the possibility for a different use. Each small detail of the system, like the chimney, can be more than just functional, like by also representing something emotional.

“Under My Roof” can be used on a desk or a table, but is can also be mounted on the wall.