Sticky story

A crowdsourced stop-motion animation recreates a scene from the film Tron, using duct tape.
Posted 30 Aug 11 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

In the 37-second stop-motion film below rolls of sticky tape – in blue, red, orange and yellow – feature as bikes racing around a grid.

It’s a recreation of scene from the Tron film, except this time it’s brought to life using duct/duck tape.

Created by media company Ryactive, the video was a response to a brief by the Duck brand on the crowdsourced video website Tongal.


The video show the sticky tape bikes racing around and turning at right angles. At the end of the video we meet Jay Maynard, or the Tron Guy, wearing his Tron outfit. His wife comes in and questions him about why he is playing with the Duck Tape, rather than tidying the garage.