"Stepps" by AmaraFleur

In this week's exploration of sounds from across the African continent, we bring you a unique mix of chillwave and electronic house.

Track of the Week "Stepps" by AmaraFleur is a buoyant rendition from the South African electronic beats scene. Steadily rising in the ranks, AmaraFleur is one of the most exciting voices to come out of Mzansi's musical renaissance. In glorious waves of hot breath and fragments of glistening notes that slickly manoeuvre from one to the next, "Stepps" is introspective and kind to the soul. Mixed and mastered by Rei, AmaraFleur cites one of Brooklyn's most talented jack-of-all-trades as the inspiration for this gem: "I was told about an amazing artist called Taylor McFerrin not too long ago. I felt something when I heard it all, but I felt something enough to write to one of the songs on his album, Early Riser. This song is the result. A personal rendition of a song that resonated with me purely on a sound basis."

Umtata-born producer and singer-songwriter Thandi Ntshinga, known musically as AmaraFleur, is the latest in our weekly exploration of sounds from across the continent. Well-versed in the life of a nomad, she's lived in New Zealand, Tanzania and India, and has drawn from the different sounds the world has to offer to define her own – catching the attention of producers in the UK and Germany, such as K*SABA and Flying Peanut. Her most recent offering follows the highly successful "Objects", which has it's own video directed by New Zealander Jacob Beullens. She hopes to broaden South African audience's outlook with this revolutionary mix of chillwave and electronic house.